I am not Noah, nor the boy with his thumb in the dike, and I don’t even look like my avatar.

As a decades long computer guy and an old dreamer, I’ve had the privilege to live over 50 years in this amazing era of ours.

I’m an armchair eco-warrior saddened by how much pain and devastation we can and do inflict on our environment and each other.

As a kid in the sixties, a teen in the seventies, and and adult since the eighties,  life continues to make me hopeful for the future, in the face of seemingly monumental challenges and dangers.

I watched the moon-landing live as a kid while on my family journey to ancient Macchu Pichu, and have been a Trekkie ever since.  The cultures of the past and the future have and will always show us that we are all on a single purpose.

This era is a moment for our species, whether we adapt or drive our extinction.  Future human will know the importance of this age, and our age will provide valuable scholarly work to help future generations better know our roots and ourselves.

I offer my thoughts, observations and bits of things that I find interesting.  Most ideas are borrowed, and brought together as notes for myself, which I gladly share.

Check back now and then to see what`s new in the Age of Noah.

–  Aroh Wendelin




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