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This is a small bookshelf of readings still to be gone over, but seem to hold much promise. I am recently at this material and use this blog / this page for note taking and reminders. I do try to substantiate material in the pages and blogs as I write, but the material I appreciate far exceeds this.

I expect my lib to be updated as I move along. When it makes sense, I will have sections to group the readings somewhat.

Archeological Interests

I have in recent years rediscovered Asia Minor, as I come to know what a pivitol role it played from the earliest to the most current civilizations.

In looking for material, I see that research and writing in these areas are numerous. Yet there is so much history spanning millennia that it is far from complete. I also see that there has been quite a bit of research, discovery and restoration in recent years, expanding the body of knowledge. In the spirit of keeping this excitement going, I read and collect.

The current research is revealing new understandings of ancient civilizations such as the Hittites, Lelegians, Luwians, Carians, Ionians as well as even more ancient, neolithic and unnamed cultures represented by various sites.

The Case Against Civilization – The New Yorker (Sep 18, 2017) by

Affluence Without Abundance: The Disappearing World of the Bushmen (2017) by James Suzman

Against the Grain: A Deep History of the Earliest States (2017) by James C. Scott

Anatolia – The Craddle of Civilization great article, great resource blog (added 10/2017)

Stone Age Religion at Gobekli Tepe (2013) – Karl W. Luckert – Goodreads

Göbekli Tepe – great resource site for photos, descriptions, and links to other sources

History Of Myndos one entry of many on Turcom blog discussing multiple ancient sites in Anatolia

Andrew Collins blog – enthusiast of ancient Anatolia

Karahan Tepe, Turkey article by Hugh Newman

Liman Tepe, Klazomenai – article about this bronze age harbor near modern Izmir – the Megalithic Portal webpage has an interactive map with links to other archaeological sites in southwest Turkey

Müsgebi-Bodrum – Mycenaean chamber tombs were found in this region, as far back as 15th century BCE

Zenobia: Empress of the East (blog) Exploring Zenobia’s World. The Incredible Rise and Fall of the City of Palmyra –

1177 B.C. The Year Civilization Collapsed (review) by ERIC H. CLINE

3,180-Year-Old Luwian Hieroglyphic Inscription – a review of the book, Die Luwier und der Trojanische Krieg – eine Entdeckungsgeschichte

Luwian Studies

Arzawa, by Susanne Heinhold-Krahmer (1977); The Luwians, edited by H. Craig Melchert (2003); and Luwian Identities, edited by Alice Mouton and others (2013).

A History of Discoveries at Halicarnassus, Cnidus & Branchidæ, Volume 1 By Charles Thomas Newton, Richard Popplewell

Dienekes’ Anthropology blog a prolific blog rich with references to published anthropological studies.

biospheric reference

Why prairies matter and lawns don’t
Futurist study

In this particular section, I place readings that discuss the development and advancement of human culture in the 21st century. The premise of this blog is that the 21st century is a crucial time in the history of humans, and of life itself on this planet. Humans must make the adaptations to save themselves, and by extension, their fellow lifeforms on this planet.

MAKING LIFE MULTIPLANETARY (SpaceX leads the way in a new generation of space enthusiasm)

Radiationshielding requirements on long-duration …

first posted 2017-11-22
last updated 2017-11-22

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